10 reasons why you should wake up early everyday

Everyone reading this is probably like “what?” Because who doesn’t love to sleep in.. but believe it or not, waking up early has a lot of benefits.

  1. You get to see a beautiful sunrise, that could brighten your day.Dokan_Mountain_at_Sunrise.JPG
  2. You won’t miss a thing. Even though not everyone would want to watch this man, you can admit it’d be hilarious right?!60666b32.jpg
  3. You have an excuse to go and get your coffee in your pjs. pajamas
  4. The earlier you wake up, the longer you can stay in bed and relax and not feel guilty! BW.jpg
  5. It’s a proven fact that you have more energy the earlier you wake up. It’s actually a lot better for your body too. HealthyMindBody.jpg
  6. The earlier you get out of bed, the earlier you can get all of your daily things done. clothes_basket.png
  7. You can catch your favorite old shows that aren’t played anymore at regular times. brady-bunch-slide-1030x761.jpg
  8. Self explanatory. b55f3e6e75e1e545b110bd08c927aafc
  9. You have some alone time and peace and quiet. You are up while the rest of the world is still sleeping, it’s just a relaxing feeling. empty_street_by_rp_photoart.jpg
  10. There is so much to life! Don’t waste your beautiful mornings away by sleeping. benefits-of-waking-up-early-285x300

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