11 reasons why you should always keep in contact with your childhood best friend

  1. They know you too well. They’ve known you since you were little and will always know you.



2. They know your family so well to the point where they get treated like family.



3. They’ve known you since you were little, so they know every flaw about you and know exactly when something is not right with you.



4. You can post a fantastic transformation Tuesday with them.



5. You can talk about how gross you were for liking someone so weird in second grade.



6. They remember all the names of all of your stuffed animals.



7. They are one of the few people you can trust because you’ve known them your whole life.



8. Being friends for so long creates a bond that even a few months of not speaking to each other can’t break.



9. They look out for you. They’re always on your side.



10. They have weird things between them that no one can really understand.



11. They make you into the person you are now.







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