12 reasons why your dog should be your best friend

Anybody who has a dog understands. Coming home from a long day at work and seeing the cute eyes and excitement makes you the happiest person inside! Having a dog is one of the best things ever.


  1. They comfort you whenever you are sick/upset. ac1b8893af78b94bbfa9537954861596



2. They are loyal.                      samtub.jpg



3. Most of them looovvveeee to cuddle, and there’s no better feeling then cuddling up a warm pup.                                                                                               3a2702eabe5b1d84a3fcb38d928a5469



4. They’re willing to protect you whenever and however. german-shepherd-protect-kid.jpg



5. They listen to you when you talk. Not that they can understand you but they still act interested. Bear Head Tilt.jpg



6. They’re usually down to do anything with you, so on your day off you can enjoy the things you like with them.                                                           fc9a53d596258718f1c7c0398300d9a7.jpg



7. If you have a small dog you can bring them anywhere with you! 540c0f4d577d6bcb32ef5d1f349c6a20.jpg



8. They get more excited than anyone when they see you. excited-dog.jpg



9. They have cute little puppy dog eyes you just can’t say no to. 1359575343295977.jpg



10. They will go swimming with you. underwater-dogs-1_3040255k



11. They give you the most comforting look! IMG_6129.jpg



12. You’re their whole life. They love you more than anything in the world. hugging-dog.jpg


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