Why you shouldn’t look up to social media couples

Now this one I won’t be posting photo’s because I do not want anyone to think I’m bashing a specific couple, because let me tell you I love Alexis Ren and Jay Alvarrez. I basically love every “famous” social media couple, but looking up to someone else’s relationship is just not the way to go.


1. It’s not personal.

Being in a serious relationship, which is what post of us want no days, (well me at least) I wouldn’t want my business with my partner all over the internet. A relationship is between two people, not all of Twitter.



2. It makes your expectations too high.

You’re expecting way too much if you want your boyfriend of 5 months to buy you everything you want and post about you everyday on Instagram. It’s nice to be shown off sometimes, but everyday? Reminder: Those people get paid to do that, you get a pissed off boyfriend.



3. Back to the money.

Yes, famous couples like Savannah and Jay get paid to show each other off. It’s called advertising and trust me it’s not a bad thing, but you can’t go around expecting every guy you’re with to wake you up with Cartier and 200$ flowers.



4. You don’t really know them.

Why are you basing your goals off people who you don’t even know? Sure they seem so in love and seem so nice, but nobody really knows what’s going on behind closed doors.



5. It’s time to get realistic.

If it weren’t for social media I’m sure these unrealistic goals for relationships wouldn’t even be a problem. Your other half does not need to post about you all the time to show they love you, but to be shown off once in a while feels great. Think back to the times when there was no cell phones, your friend’s would walk over to your house to hangout  instead of texting you and saying “wanna hang?”



5. They have no privacy.

They can’t even go to Walmart without getting bombarded. Having somebody stalk your social media constantly could get a bit weird and everybody knows their business.



Before you say “goals” again to a completely unrealistic goal, (because not everyone is the same) think about working on your own relationship and working on your own goals together. They might be happy, but you never will be if you constantly wish for a relationship like them. They were already famous, so they know how the no privacy deal goes.


Think about it, do you really want a relationship based on a smart phone?


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