Why it’s so sad when you sell your car

So, you’ve had the same car since High School, you’re working a great job and making great money, and finally decide it’s time for a new car. You should be ecstatic!


  1. Well for one, you are spending money, and nobody likes to do that.



2. You have so say goodbye to your old car. You’re old pal. Since you have such strong feelings for an inanimate object, it’s a sad day for you.



3. That car has heard your conversations, saw you cry, and stayed quiet for you when you snuck out at night. It was like your sidekick.



4. Your car is a part of you, believe it or not, and getting rid of it meaning you never have to see it again can give you a bit of sadness.



5. But on the bright side, you get to make a whole new relationship with another car!



Call me crazy, but I will always be sad whenever I sell a car! I think we can all agree. 🙂





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