5 reasons why people should stop treating social media like a diary

You’re going through something in your life where you need to vent and get some things off your chest. It’s okay to share with other people and ask for guidance, but by the right people. A close friend or a family member, not everyone who follows you.

People need to stop putting their personal problems on social media, and here’s why:


  1. Nobody really cares. They just like the entertainment.  greenbetweenco001823.jpg



2. You make yourself look bad, and people will make fun of you. Drake-respond-to-Meek-Mill-diss.jpg



3. It can cause a lot of drama, which nobody needs any of.        d780352cd28927fd8479f1561006efaf.jpg



4. It makes you look bad. This is what my face looks like when you complain about your boyfriend cheating on you again, but you are still with him. britneyspears1.jpg



5. You do not want everybody knowing your personal life problems. 4843067_f260



It really won’t help. Maybe it’ll feel better in the moment to completely flip out via social media, but where is that really getting you?



There is a difference between writing about yourself and your experiences on the internet. If you’d like to vent, you should blog.



If you do have a serious problem, get some help. Referring to Facebook as a therapist isn’t the right way to go and it will save you a lot of embarrassment.


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