Your Next Love Is Your First Love

A lot of people think that their “first love” is a huge deal. But until you experience your next love, you will be wishing you haven’t given the first one so much credit.

Your next love is more considered to be the first love. The first time you are really happy, the first time you don’t have to keep going back and getting screwed over. The first time you truly know your worth.

Now I’m not talking about short relationships where you told somebody you loved them in a month. I am talking about full blown, 24/7 non stop talking, actual butterflies. That kind of relationship. Most of us have had a “first love.” We’ve all experienced it. When you are with your first love the butterflies are so much more different than a simple crush and those three words you did not know anything about.

It’s clear that most of the time your first love does not work out the way we thought it would. You would have never expected the first person that you trusted to stab you right in the back and leave you alone and unhappy while they are moving on happily with their life, acting like they’ve never even met you before. Then, the endless nights of thinking, tossing and turning and wondering if you will ever get over this person are in full effect.

…. A feeling like no other.

Until, the person who takes your heart next shows up in your life. Love should not hurt, it should make you feel good inside. Love is patient, love is kind. It could be a year after your breakup, or even a month. Time does not matter. Your next love is the person who makes you feel alive again. They give you a type of smile that you never knew you had. Those butterflies come back, but not like the first time, this time they are different. They are real.

Your confidence comes back but unfortunately so do your trust issues. Yes, it’s hard to trust anybody after you were hurt so badly, but that’s what makes the love worth while. Let me tell you it’s the best feeling in the world knowing you can trust again. Don’t feel bad if you are that next love to somebody now, I’d take being the real love over the first love any day! It sucks to be hurt and have all of those worried thoughts come back up streaming in your head again, but it’s magnificent  when you finally find somebody whose worth it and says to themselves, “I never want to make somebody feel like the way I did.” The reason I think your next love works out so much better is because by the time you have forgotten about your first love, you’ve matured and learned from your mistakes. Even if you were the one who had hurt somebody, finding your next love makes you appreciate that person so much more.

Memories will fade. Pictures will burn. Tears will shed and social media stalking will take place.

But trust me, when you find your next love you will finally be grateful for that person who hurt you. I owe them a huge thank you, because without them I may not have been where I am now. I may have not been as happy as I am now.

Your next love will give you peace, comfort and reassurance. They won’t play games and make you question your trust for them. They won’t make you feel stupid for caring. They will make you question why you were so worried about your first love when there was your next love waiting down the path to give you what you deserve. They will shape you into the person you really want to be, and not the person you were trying so hard to be for somebody else. When you experience your next love, your first love will seem like nothing,  and if you are lucky enough your next love could be your last love.

I believe that your first love is just practice, and a small part of your life that prepares you for the right person. If you are trying to move on from your first love just remember, your first love is just a small part of your whole life, and your next love is the whole thing.

Oh and remember, Blair didn’t end up with Nate. 😉


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